5 Property Maintenance Traps to Avoid This Summer

As the summer holidays draw near, property owners are looking forward to some well-deserved rest after a tiresome 2021. Unfortunately, a lot can happen when you’re on holiday and cannot keep an eye on things. For more peace of mind this festive season let’s look at some common maintenance traps, and how you can avoid them.

Water damage

Leaking taps, pipes and toilets can severely damage your property. You can eliminate this risk with timely maintenance and repairs, especially when you know where the leak is situated. A leaking roof could also cause problems, so make sure waterproofing is adequate and in a good state of repair. Gutters and downpipes should be cleaned regularly (of dry leaves and debris). This prevents water from pooling and causing further damage.

Electricity woes

Electricity can spark many insurance concerns. Thankfully, you can insulate yourself from this risk without too much trouble. Ensure adequate surge protection is installed on all electronic devices. This will help prevent power surges and lightning damage. Secondly, protect your electrical outlets by not overloading them with too many appliances. This could short circuit outlets, which leads to the third trap on our list…

Fire hazard

The thought of fire damage could spoil the holiday cheer. Fortunately, fire can be avoided with ease. For example, if your lapa chimney is clean and your thatched roof is treated regularly with fire retardant then you have very little to worry about. Also, ensure that there is adequate fire fighting equipment on your property (according to SANS 1475 regulations). This equipment must be serviced annually by a SAQCC-approved technician and record must be kept of the service. Doing this should extinguish your fire-related concerns.

Gardening trouble

If like some folks you’re heading off to the beach this summer, don’t let the “jungle” back home get the upper hand. Overgrown plants and tree roots can damage paving, walls, fences and other parts of your property. The solution is simple: prune, remove and tidy up vegetation in your garden.

Safety and security

For general safety, especially that of children in housing estates, ensure that the area around swimming pools is safe. Install clearly visible indemnity boards explaining the risks involved in using the facility. It goes without saying that proper maintenance of your pool will also keep the pump and other equipment from breaking when you’re not in town.

Lastly, don’t forget to check all locks and security doors on your property to ensure they’re working properly. Check your alarm system to rule out pesky false alarms (which tend to break the peace when you’re trying to unwind!).

With these common maintenance traps in mind, you can enjoy your summer with greater peace of mind and less or no insurance claims! If you need comprehensive insurance for your body corporate, home owner’s association or commercial property this festive season – or during any other season of the year– then contact Insure City today.